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28 Mar

FPT Retail ‘iron woman’ wants to build FPT Retail to become the No. 1 retailer in the digital market

Setting an example to employees and putting sincerity on top of all are the principles of Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep, Top 50 “Most influential women in Vietnam”, from the time when she was a store leader 6 years ago to now- when she has become the Chairwoman of FPT Retail.

Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep is now known with many names such as the “iron woman” of FPT, “female general” of FPT Retail, “Top 50 most influential women in Vietnam”, and “Top 20 most powerful women in business ” chosen by Forbes. Under her management, FPT Shop has risen from the modest business when first launched more than 6 years ago to the second-largest phone retailer in Viet Nam, and ranked first in term of sales per sqm.

What is the secret behind the success of the “female general” leading over 5,000 “troops” and developing over 500 stores in 63 provinces and cities? In addition to building an efficient operating system, human resource management is an important key, in which “sincerity” is always the priority of CEO Nguyen Bach Diep.

The determination to take sincerity as human resource strategy

Chairman Nguyen Bach Diep said that in FPT Retail, she is determined to build a transparent and fair working environment. However, the most important thing is to have sincere sharing and great encouragement.


FPT Retail CEO Nguyen Bach Diep

Therefore, according to Mrs. Nguyen, when there is a problem, each person should look back to see if he commits an error first, then consider if it is other people’s mistakes. Gradually, the approach to problems becomes more sympathetic, and solutions are reached easier. She also acknowledged an issue. When the position gets higher, the workload increase, the leaders tend to be far from reality, and become more conservative.  When policies cannot be operated, listening to employees can help to solve the problem. The less sharing it is, the more misunderstanding it would be. That can lead to the fact that no one knows what others are doing, and are not able to be sympathetic toward each other.

“The most important key to solve all problems is sincerity. When you are sincere, you are not scared,” she concluded. Since then, the employees themselves must feel responsible, sincere, and want be a kind person to customers. “At that time, companies will grow firmly, and strongly,” said the FPT Retail CEO.

Leaders must work real hard

Sharing about the experience in building human resources, Mrs. Nguyen said, “to be an example” is a very important factor. The leader should be responsible for directing the “army” below. “I am the one who feels most clearly about how FPT Retail’s mission will go, how far it will go, and how many people will go,” she wrote in her letter to employees.


According to Mrs. Nguyen, the leader should be responsible for guiding the entire staff and setting an example.

For setting up the service culture and the three core values ​​of Retailers (Dedicated to customers – Honest and responsible – Solid and supportive), she also committed to be the first person to pioneer, to preserve, and to follow “core values”. “If it is necessary to pressure the employees, then I must also be a role model, so that everyone can see how hard I work,” Mrs. Nguyen shared. The Chairwoman also found her fortunate to have an awesome team.

From the dedicated saleswoman to the store manager

In the last letter to employees in 2018, sharing about the principles of FPT Retail, the CEO emphasized “determination to build a strong Retailer from people to the culture of true service from person to person”. In fact, “being honest with each other” is what the chairwoman has chosen to act as a guideline for more than 6 years.

In the last year of college, she had a conversation with her classmate about the opportunity to intern at FPT. That was the very first chance for her to step into FPT with the position of saleswoman.

In the early days, everything was too new for the young employee. She did not know what to say to a customer when selling a machine. Many things like RAM, CPU, hard drive, keyboard, mouse… were strange to her. At that time her solution was “what you don’t understand, ask!”

She noticed that when she explained earnestly to customers the reason why they should buy this machine, not the others, customers then felt convinced and bought. The success rate at that time was very high: 6-7 out of 10 customers came buying products. It must be the first lesson that helped her to realize the importance of the principle “devotion to customers” and make it a prerequisite which is one of the three core values ​​that Retailers need to comply with.

When Vietnam opened the market, businesses set up more factories in Vietnam and bought hundreds of computers at a time. The store started growing up with a great deal of projects, contracts worth thousands dollar. The leaders acknowledged Mrs. Nguyen’s ability, and she was assigned to be the head manager.

She recalled when she took the responsibility as a head manager, she felt pressured and became very strict. The surrounding air was so increasingly suffocating that she herself did not even recognize. Until one day, when she happened to hear the staff in the shop discussing her reaction, she was surprised and very sad.

Spending a night thinking about the solution to handle it, she chose to support and share to customers, use her experience to consult when employees had issues with customers. Since then, the cooperation became better and people also sensed her sincerity. The boss and the staff conscientiously worked together, the store’s revenue constantly increased.

The female manager drew to a conclusion that when it comes to problem solving, attitudes are that what matters. She felt that passionate devotion would convince people, and chose that way.

Building a system of FPT Retail ‘empire’ to more than 500 stores and more

In 2012, Chairman Truong Gia Binh decided to separate retail from distribution to become an independent company. At the very beginning, she did not know how to start, what process to follow. With the motto from the very first days, “what I don’t know, ask,” she learned from her opponent and gradually developed FPT Shop with 543 stores now.

First, thanks to the help of other company members to build a management software system. However, these companies appeared to lack flexibility in the set-up phase with many changes, trials and fixes, resulting in increasing costs. The CEO offered a solution to set up an in-house team. “They understand that their work plays a vital part, so they work hard regardless time,” she said


Gradually, thanks to the rapid development strategy, the annual turnover of FPT Shop increased considerably. In 2018, FPT Shop system achieved revenue of nearly VND 16,000 billion, profit after tax reached VND 348 billion, rose by 20% compared to the same period. Average sales per store reached VND 2.4 billion / month. In mid-2018 Retail Asia magazine announced the list of top 500 retailers in the Asia-Pacific region, in which FPT Shop “jumped” from position 356 to 305.

In addition, at the beginning of the third quarter of 2018, FPT Retail established a subsidiary in the pharmaceutical segment, namely FPT Pharmacy. Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep is also the legal representative. By the end of 2018, this drugstore chain has 25 stores and plans to open 50 new stores in 2019, average monthly sales of over VND 2 billion per store.

In 2019, FPT Retail aims to become the No. 1 retail business in the digital market, selling 1 million sim, 1,000 billion accessories. Installments make up 50% of revenue, collecting on behalf increases by 50%, and revenue reach more than 13 million per year. Besides, the Retailer advocates 2019 as “the year of 3 core values”.

According to ICT News