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3 Apr

“Powerful woman of FPT Retail: Only believe in myself, in the effectiveness of my work rather than what others think of me.

For the first time, Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep, the “iron woman” of FPT Retail, was honored as one of the 20 most powerful women in business in 2019 on the list of 50 “Most Influential Women in Vietnam in 2019” chosen by Forbes Vietnam.

“Iron woman” Nguyen Bach Diep and her partners have brought FPT Retail from 17 stores, after 7 years of development, to become the second largest mobile phone retail chain in Vietnam with more than 500 stores from North to South.

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep shared her entrepreneurial story as well as the business situation of FPT Retail.

– What is the number of F-Studio stores by FPT Retail, and the sales of each store? What is the current situation of Long Chau Pharmacy?

By the end of December 2018, the total number of F.Studio stores by FPT stores was around 14. Regarding Long Chau Pharmacy, the number of drugstores is 26 up to now. In the near future, FPT Retail will speed up the opening of new pharmacies with an average of 70 pharmacies / year and aim to have 400 Long Chau pharmacies nationwide by 2022.

The company also expects FPT Pharma to account for 30% of the market share which is equivalent to VND 10,000 billion of pharmaceutical revenue; and within the next 3-4 years, the pharmacies segment will contribute 40% to the revenue of FPT Retail.

Nữ tướng FPT Retail: Chỉ tin vào bản thân, công việc của mình có hiệu quả hay không hơn là người khác nghĩ về mình - Ảnh 1.

– What is business plan of FPT Retail in 2019? What are the long-term objectives and business strategy of the company in the next 5-10 years?

In 2019, FPT Retail’s expected revenue is 17,700 billion dong, pre-tax profit is expected to be 522 billion dong. In the near future, we will increase the investment in Long Chau pharmacy chain, which is a new direction and is forecasted to contribute to the future growth of FPT Retail.

In addition, we still focus on FPT Shop chain to maintain the growth and increase revenue. The investment is concretized by activities such as actively seeking customers and accessing multi-channel customers, promoting the deferred payment program for officials and employees at enterprises called F.Friends.

Besides, we continue to promote installment sale; invest heavily in phone accessory industry because this is one of the segments with great profits. Along with producing revenue, FPT Shop will improve the quality of service, which is also one of the core values that the company is holding onto: “Serving customers with care”.

– As known as the “iron woman”, what do you think about this?

I’m not sure when and how I got being called that way. I’m a bit hot-tempered, determined at work, and hard to accept something half-hearted, so I have argument with my boss often. I also do not accept an unclear explanation from employees. Anything must have a satisfactory explanation.

Moreover, I only believe in myself, believe in the effectiveness of my work rather than what others think of me.

Nữ tướng FPT Retail: Chỉ tin vào bản thân, công việc của mình có hiệu quả hay không hơn là người khác nghĩ về mình - Ảnh 2.

– Many people are tired and exhausted because of the work overload, what is the way that helps you to maintain your spirit, motivate yourself to do everything as planned?

For me, work is not a burden but actually a hobby. I don’t like the idea of quitting. When I do any job, I have to finish it. I do not accept being said that I could not complete my job. That is the driving force that makes me try constantly to achieve my goal.

I like to work, to maintain discipline. I’m a perfectionist and but also a hot-tempered woman. For me, once the promise has been made, it must be kept. There is one thing that I always keep in mind. When I choose to occupy a position, I have to do my best in that position. Instead of complaining, I should concentrate on doing my job well.

– What is the percentage of women in FPT Retail? How to win over your people so that your company can operate effectively?

In FPT Retail, the number of female employees accounts for more than 36% of total employees. For employees, we need to have a clear punishment and reward regime to in order to encourage but also help them to develop themselves.

Nữ tướng FPT Retail: Chỉ tin vào bản thân, công việc của mình có hiệu quả hay không hơn là người khác nghĩ về mình - Ảnh 3.

In the view of my administration, those who work with me, and follow me, I must ensure the rights for them. In return, they also know that working with me can be stressful, pressured. They have to satisfy many demands as well. But through that process, they would grow up. The most important thing is the sincerity. When we reward or punish them, it must be clear. Why are they given reward?  Why are they punished?

From the beginning, I have been determined to build a transparent, and fair working environment with a clear punishment and reward regime. But most importantly, there are always sincere sharing and encouragement from the boss to the staff.


– Can you share your story from being a salesperson to becoming a powerful woman at FPT Retail?

In the 90s, I was a student whose major was Business Administration. I applied for an internship as a seller at a FPT store. There, I had the opportunity to practice listening skills and setting goals for each specific milestone. I forced myself in a month to know how to advise customers to accept purchases, how to gradually increase the success rate. Then gradually increased my goals such as how to get into the list of best sellers in the store, then company.

Nữ tướng FPT Retail: Chỉ tin vào bản thân, công việc của mình có hiệu quả hay không hơn là người khác nghĩ về mình - Ảnh 4.

During nearly a year of working, although I did not receive any reward salary, the culture of respecting differences and appreciating the talents helped me to stick with FPT. As a result, I was appointed to the position of store manager.

Due to the young age and the lack of management experience, in the beginning, I had a lot of “objections” from the staff. Some even intended to “overthrow” me. At that time, I was angry at them but also at myself. I could not avoid being shocked for a while. After calming down, I found ways to communicate and help “disgruntled” employees achieve their work goals.

From the position of store management, I later had the opportunity to work at many different companies in FPT Corporation such as FPT Information System (FPT IS), FPT Mobile Technology Company Limited, FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom) and FPT Trading Company Limited (FPT Trading) …,

In 2010, FPT set up a joint venture project with Indonesia’s leading supermarket chain. I was trusted to be Alpha Mart Project’s Director. However, after one year of learning and getting to know the process, the system has just negotiated, FPT suddenly withdrew to focus resources on buying EVN Telecom, I returned to FPT Trading.

Nữ tướng FPT Retail: Chỉ tin vào bản thân, công việc của mình có hiệu quả hay không hơn là người khác nghĩ về mình - Ảnh 5.

At that time, FPT Trading was mainly a distributor but also carried out the retail segment, which led to the rejection from other partners. Therefore, FPT Retail was not taken good care of. Its profits was “just enough to support itself”.

In the first phase in 2012, FPT had 5 – 7 retail stores but mainly made “showrooms” for other firms. With the background knowledge learned from my Indonesian counterpart, I drew up a proposal of establishing an independent retail company and protected it before the FPT’s leaders. On February 1, 2012, FPT Retail was officially launched to implement the Group’s retail chain project.

What is your concept of a successful person? In the family, does the success of one partner cause pressure on the other?

I don’t think there is any pressure because in order for one partner to succeed, the other need to understand, sympathize, and support sympathy. For me, my husband always understands, shares family work and supports so that I can freely develop my career.

According to Minh Anh, Ha Mi