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3 Jun

What can FPT Retail do to increase the profit by 20% in 2019?

In 2019, FPT Retail has planned to reach the net revenue of VND17,700 billion, profit after tax of VND418 billion, equivalent to the growth of 16% and 20%, respectively.

The accessories bring high profits

In order to achieve the growth target set out, FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company (HoSE: FRT) will open new stores, boost online sales, increase the industry of accessories and sim cards.

Specifically, regarding IT industry, FRT will open 100 new stores in order to have 633 stores in total. Accessories such as memory cards, cases, backup chargers, etc. are expected to bring about VND1,000 billion in revenue for FPT Retail this year. The reason why FRT focuses on developing accessories is because such sector brings high profits.

According to Ms. Nguyen Bach Diep, the Chairwoman cum General Director of FPT Retail: “FPT Retail will change the suppliers and buy accessories from its origin in order to have higher profits”, it is increased by 10% compared to previously.

Besides, FRT will focus on sim cards, scratch cards, increase the number of customers coming to the stores with the target to increase the revenue by VND100 billion. Also in this year, FRT will also promote the online sales channels, bringing the stores to residential areas of other districts and communes.

FPT Retail will improve the proficiency the procedures for F.Friends project. Accordingly, F.Friends is the model that FRT will come to the customers and sign contracts. Their staff can buy any products under instalment with 0% interest, the monthly debt will be deducted from the salary. Instalment model F.Friends is more professional than the normal one.

Ms. Diep shared that: “The growth plan of this year is not very easy for FRT, because FRT is a later retailer facing some difficulties, and when it started with such model, the market had already been saturated”, especially at the time when Long Chau pharmacies still incur losses.

Long Chau will generate profits in 2021

Concerning Long Chau pharmacies, FPT Retail expects to open 50 new pharmacies, which means the number of stores is 72 in total. From 2020 to 2022, FRT will open from 100 to 200 new stores each year. By 2020, Long Chau is expected to have 700 stores.

FPT Retail estimates that Long Chau chain is recording the revenue of VND1,6 billion each day. This year’s target is to reach the revenue of VND500 billion, gross losses of VND20 billion. The target for 2020 is to reach the revenue of VND1,910 billion and to stop incurring losses. By 2021, Long Chau will start to generate profits with the expected revenue of VND4,370 billion and profit of VND63 billion and by 2022, the revenue of VND6,500 billion and profit of VND193 billion.

In order for Long Chau to have good result of operation, in the coming time, FRT will focus on logistics segment and develop the pharmaceutical personnel. The Company expects to account for 30% of the pharmaceutical market share through pharmacies in the next 3 to 4 years. It is predicted that the pharmaceutical industry will contribute about 40% to FRT’s revenue (about VND10,000 billion) in the future.

In 2018, Long Chau chain reached the revenue of more than VND380 billion. Medicines and functional foods accounted for about 58% and 30%, respectively, of the revenue classified by product. The remaining revenue came from medical equipment and cosmetics.


According: Minh Anh, Nhip Cau Dau Tu