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11 May

Long Chau’s turnover in the first quarter increased by 2.5 times compared to the same period in 2019, FRT plans to open 40 new stores in the second quarter

(VNF) – FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company (FPT Retail, HoSE: FRT) has announced the production and business results of the first quarter of 2020. Long Chau’s revenue in the first quarter increased by 2.5 times compared to the same period in 2019, FRT plans to open 40 new stores in the second quarter. (Photo) Accordingly, in the period, the Company brought in VND 4,093 billion of turnover, which is decreased by 3% compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. The profit before tax of the Company during the period reached VND 47 billion. In FPT Retail’s system, Long Chau chain has gained...

11 May

Long Chau chain has decided on 40 locations to open new stores in the second quarter of 2020

Up to now, Vietnam is easing social distancing campaign gradually, FRT – the owner of Long Chau chain – accordingly will launch many practical incentives for the customers. As one of the units that have been affected heavily by Covid-19 epidemic when the factories in China were locked down from operation, FPT Retail (FPT) has witnessed an increase in profits to VND 35,6 billion in the first quarter. Promotions will be increased to bolster up the consumers’ demand after social distancing Sharing with us, the Company’s representative said that the Covid-19 epidemic had a quite serious and multi-dimensional impact on all economic and...

11 May

The new General Director of FPT Retail

On 06 March, the Board of Management of FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company (FPT Retail) has approved the resolution to appoint Mr Hoang Trung Kien, the member of the Board of Management, as the General Director of FPT Retail since 07 March 2020. Ms Nguyen Bach Diep will continue to be the Chairman of the Board of Management. Mr. Hoang Trung Kien In 3 years, FPT Retail aims to improve the operational efficiency of all the business fields and become the leading multi-industry retail company in Vietnam. In particular, FPT Shop – the digital-product retailing system will optimize profits by focusing on...

25 Jun

FPT Retail partners with Fado

A screenshot of FPT Shop’s website. FPT Retail teams up with Fado to sell international products – PHOTO: CHI THINH HCMC – FPT Digital Retail JSC, or FPT Retail, has cooperated with cross-border ecommerce platform Fado to sell international products made in the United States, Japan and Germany, a representative of FPT Retail announced. Customers can now purchase these products on the website https://hangmy.fptshop.com.vn/. The representative said that the international products available on the website have clear origins, and that under the agreement, Fado will bear legal liability in terms of commodities, while FPT Shop will act as an intermediary with domestic customers. The...

5 Jun

FPT Retail’s Shareholders General Meeting: The profit will increase by 20%, Long Chau chain still incurs losses

FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company’s Shareholders General Meeting (FPT Retail, code: FRT) has passed the business plan for 2019 with the target revenue of VND17,700 billion, up 16%, and the profit after tax of VND418 billion, up 20% compared to 2018. In that, the revenue is contributed mainly by media which is ITC, with the expected amount of VND17,200 billion; regarding the new industry, which is Long Chau pharmaceutical chain, such sector may contribute only VND500 billion in the revenue without generating profits, the expected loss is VND20 billion. The promotion of installment purchase and accessories distribution contributes to the growth...

3 Jun

What can FPT Retail do to increase the profit by 20% in 2019?

In 2019, FPT Retail has planned to reach the net revenue of VND17,700 billion, profit after tax of VND418 billion, equivalent to the growth of 16% and 20%, respectively. The accessories bring high profits In order to achieve the growth target set out, FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company (HoSE: FRT) will open new stores, boost online sales, increase the industry of accessories and sim cards. Specifically, regarding IT industry, FRT will open 100 new stores in order to have 633 stores in total. Accessories such as memory cards, cases, backup chargers, etc. are expected to bring about VND1,000 billion in revenue for...

29 May

The CEO of FPT Shop: “It is unreasonable that the value of each FPT Shop is about VND5,5 billion”

The significant decrease in the stock price caused the market price of each FPT Shop fall down to VND5,5 billion, which is unreasonable according to Ms. Nguyen Bach Diep. From the beginning of 2019 until now, the stock price of FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock Company (FRT code) plummeted. At the end of 2018, FPT Retail's stock price was at VND71.900 per share. At 28 March, the stock price of FPT is at VND48.000 per share, down more than 33%. Ms. Nguyen Bach Diep (holding the microphone), is giving speech at the FPT Retail’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2019 –...

29 May

Pharmaceuticals retail to become FPT Retail’s key section in future

FPT Retail aims to gain a 30% share for the pharmacy store market while hiding nothing about its intention to engage into pharmaceutical manufacturing and importing industries. Pharmaceuticals retail will be the key and potential business section of the Company in coming years, informed Ms. Nguyen Bach Diep, CEO of FPT Digital Joint Stock Company (FPT Retail). At FPT Retail's 2019 AGM of Shareholders, Ms. Diep reported that the Company's pharmaceuticals retail chain would expectedly score a turnover of 6,500bn VND and gain a share of about 30% of the pharmaceutical retail market via pharmacy stores. Ms. Nguyen Bach Diep (holding the...

21 May

FPT Retail’s pharmacy stores chain sets turnover target at 500bn VND

FPT Retail plans to open 48 new stores of the Long Chau pharmacy store chain in this year.  At the annual general meeting of shareholders in the morning of March 27, most questions of investors for the leadership of FPT Digital Joint Stock Company revolve around the venture into pharmaceutical retail section. This is the new section deployed by the Company since the end of 2017 after its acquisition of Long Chau pharmacy stores chain. Ms. Nguyen Bach Diep, the Company's Chairwoman of Board of Directors and CEO admits it was very daring of her to obtain over 70bn from the Company...

13 May

The cooperation between FPT Shop and Nguyen Kim in selling televisions, refrigerators, air conditionings, and washing machines, etc.

With the new business in electronics, FPT Shop and The Gioi Di Dong are quite in common when they both sell mobile phones, electronics and medicines. According to FPT Shop’s information, from 11 April, FPT Shop officially cooperated with Nguyen Kim Shopping Center. FPT Shop revealed that the customers can look up for the products’ information, selling prices, promotions, installments and even make online orders of all the electronic products that are available at Nguyen Kim through FPT Shop’s electronic website. The price policies of FPT Shop is the same as Nguyen Kim’s. The cooperation with Nguyen Kim will help FPT Shop to...