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FPT Retail muốn dược phẩm góp doanh thu 10.000 tỷ trong bốn năm tới
5 Oct

FPT Retail wants pharmaceutical products contribute VND 10.000 billion in turnover in the next 4 years

FPT’s chain owner plans to open 400 pharmacies and make up 30% of the market share after four years of entry into the pharmaceutical industry. At annual shareholders meeting taking place on 28th March, Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep- Chief executive officer of FPT digital retail joint stock company (FPT Retail) shared openly about the plan for developing the pharmaceutical field after a year secretly deployed. The leader of FPT Retail said that there are many indicators which prove that pharmaceutical filed are potential. First of all, the scale of the market is about $ 5 billion, equivalent to mobile phone field and...

FPT Retail dồn sức cho chuỗi bán lẻ dược phẩm
5 Oct

FPT Retail has been concentrating retail pharmacy chain.

FPT Retail is searching for the power of maturity in new business which is to penetrate retail pharmacy market while mobile phone retail market has gradually been saturated. In this morning ( March 18th), Ms.Diep Bach Nguyen- Chairman cum Chief of Executive Officer of FPT Retail- officially informed the plan as a footstep by which FPT Retail started to trade in retail pharmacy chain at the annual general meeting of FPT Retail in 2018. Long Chau, a pharmacy with over ten-year activity time in Ho Chi Minh City, was bought by FPT Retail, which in turn made schedule of retail pharmacy chain...

5 Oct

FPT Retail heats the pharmaceutical retail chain race up

“The current average turnover per month of a store which belongs to Long Chau drug store chain is about 3 billions VND.  This number is more than a half billion compared to FPT Shop”, Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep – The General Director of FPT Retail said to Forbes Viet Nam. Hapu Medicenter – the largest pharmacy and medical equipment trading center in Ha Noi has always been busy with motorbikes and cars to pick up and distribute to other stores all over the city and the Northern provinces. In drug stores, there are buyers continuously. The front of each store is...

2 Sep

The shares of FPT Retail gained to the cap of 20% on the floor trading session

By the end of the morning session, the quantity of matching orders of FRT shares was over 880.000 units, which are mainly bought net from foreign investors.     Contrary to the gloomy situation of the market on the morning of April 26, the first session of FPT Retail JSC (FPT Retail) on Ho Chi Minh City Floor was operating quite actively. This share rose to the upper limit of 20% compared to the reference, up to 150,000 VND. The market capitalization is estimated to reach 6,000 billion VND. By the end of the morning session, the quantity of orders was 880,000 units, of...

2 Sep

FPT Shop was honor the Strong Brand Name of Vietnam for the fifth time

The award of the Strong Brand Name of Vietnam recognizes the successes of the enterprises in 2017. In the fifth year of receiving this award, FPT Retail continues to affirm its name and to resonate in the retail market of the mobile products, to gain trust and satisfaction from the customers.   The program "Festival of Golden Dragon Enterprise and Strong Brand Name of Vietnam 2017-2018" was held by Vietnam Economic Times this morning (April 14th) in Hanoi. The event was broadcast live on VTV1 - Vietnam Television. This is the fifth consecutive year that FPT Shop has been honored with the title...

2 Sep

The culture of not blaming in FPT Shop: Stop saying “Because, due to, etc.”, no one forces you to be in this position, once you are, you have to do your best!

“Do what you say” is a big campaign of FPT Shop in 2018. “We always say to each other that: In each position, whether high or low, no one can force us to be there. Therefore, once we are in, we have to try our best to fulfill our mission in that position”, said FPT Retail General Nguyen Bach Diep.     Sharing the core values ​​of FPT Retail, Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep – the President and the CEO said: There are 3 core values ​​through all the activities and the employees' awareness, including: - Dedicate to the customer - Be honest, do what you...

2 Sep

The “tale” of the bow of FPT Shop: The “patch the service hole” campaign of a large retailer who used to receive hundreds of calls of complaint each day

There was a time when the training quality could not keep up with the speed “open 1 shop every 5 days”, the perceptions of the employees became erroneous, the number of calls for complaint was nearly 100 calls, the rate of returning customers was only 17%, etc.     The background: In order to compete, FPT Shop’s efforts were concentrated on opening shops. The average speed of opening 1 shop every 5 days made the training quality and the employees not be able to keep up with, quality of service was reduced. The plan: Open the campaign for the customers to say "love" FPT...

Bí quyết trở thành nhà bán lẻ hiệu quả nhất Việt Nam của FPT Shop
2 Sep

The secret to become the most efficient retailer in Vietnam of FPT Shop: Sales employees cum the work of technicians and accountants, each employee brings the revenue of 2,2 billion VND

More than a year ago, the story of replacing the retail price of FPT Shop was put on the table to compare with the Mobile Word. While FPT Shop struggled with price lists on paper, the Mobile World took only 10 seconds with the electronic price lists. However, according to the latest Euromonitor report, FPT Shop is the most efficient retailer in Vietnam with the revenue per square meter of nearly 16,000USD/m2.     Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep – the “female general” of FPT Digital Retail JSC (FPT Retail), which owns the retail chains FPT Shop – did not hide the story that...

ĐHĐCĐ FPT Retail: Tham vọng lớn với mảng dược, mục tiêu 2018 tăng gấp đôi số cửa hàng Long Châu và dự kiến tăng 10 lần năm kế tiếp
2 Sep

FPT Retail’s General Meeting of Shareholders: The ambition with the field of pharmacy, the target is to increase the number of Long Chau stores double in 2018 and in the next year, increase in 10 times.

After joining 1 year, until the beginning of 2018, the number of Long Chau stores was 10 units, this year, they expect to increase this number to 30, soon towards the target of 400 stores.     In 3 years time, the field of pharmacy will contribute 30-40% in the revenue In 2017, many giant retailers such as Mobile World (MWG), Digiworld (DGW) và FPT Retail started to “engage” in the field of pharmacy with fast growth. However until now, when MWG said they do not hurry to deploy but they are only concentrating on Green Grocery, or DGW still have not had any...

FPT Retail đặt cược lớn vào Long Châu, kì vọng mảng dược sẽ đóng góp 40% doanh thu vào 4 năm tới
2 Sep

While Mobile World “gave up” on Phuc An Khang chain, FPT Retail is still betting on Long Chau, expecting the field of pharmacy will contribute 40% in the revenue in the next 4 years

Mrs. Nguyen Bach Diep, the CEO of FPT Retail said, in this year, the company is opening about 20 Long Chau drugstores in Ho Chi Minh City. In the next 4 years, Long Chau drugstores may reach 400 stores and the revenue is predicted to take up 30-40% in the total revenue of FPT Retail.     Today, at the annual General Meeting of FPT Retail, the General Director Nguyen Bach Diep has revealed the company’s determination in the investment in Long Chau drugstore chain.  “The field of pharmacy will take up 30-40% in the total revenue of FPT Retail in 4 years” Sharing at...